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Schionning Wilderness 15X

Freotech Multihulls has just completed the build of a Schionning Wilderness 15x Carbon Hybrid.

The benefit of this professionally built vessel is in weight control. With the inclusion of Carbon Fibre in key areas, plus the use of vacuum infusion techniques for both structural and furniture components, once all tanks are full (that’s 450L of water, and 800L of fuel), the vessel will weight under 7.2 T. The objective of this build was to choose the model best suited for abundance of storage, and then reduce the build weight. In achieving these goals, this vessel is a fine performer, whilst facilitating long distance payloads.

We displayed Knot Half recently in the Mandurah Boat Show.  Schionning Designs, along with Freotech Multihulls hosted many interested parties during the 3 day Exhibition.  This was a great success, with unanimous positive reception from all who visited us. Many  positive compliments were also received from other exhibitors.

For those who missed the opportunity of viewing Knot Half, we have provided an Electronic Tour, activated by clicking the link below.





Tour of Knot Half